Transforming the Employee Experience



Developed employee engagement app and rolled it out to employees.

This client struggled with increasing employee engagement and empowering employees to take control of their own success across it's multi-state footprint.

Our Approach

CREATED a digital platform strategy, customized an implementation plan, and crafted messaging framework.

Our tailored solution enabled transparent and candid communication for employees. On the app, employees gained access to job-specific training, allowing them to track individual performance and rate their supervisors. 

ASSESSED the current-state and analyzed the issue.

Promote and encourage candidates to download from the App Store. Communicate the benefits of combining automation and human collaboration.

Get Connected

Get Empowered

Monitor progress toward career goals, stay up to date with training, and track KPI's. Employees can rate  job and supervisor and provide actionable data to employers opening big data capabilities to predict success and drive growth.

Technology matches the employee with the employer based on defined criteria.

Employees can respond to the notification on the employee engagement app.

Push notifications are sent to the employee if they match up with an employer.

Get Your Employees Engaged


Our quick video shows the employee engagement app in action.

Increased engagement by 55%


Quantified by retention

Increased ERP activity input

Your employees will thank you.

Connect. Empower. Engage.

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